Virtual validation is a cost effective testing method for design that improves the end product and saves development resources. To make virtual validation more accessible we designed an entry level system that requires minimal effort and investment while providing most of the benefits of a larger virtual environment.


The goal of the project was to provide an entry level virtual reality (VR) system to support large multi screen VR systems and to make using VR systems in the design process more accessible by providing an entry level system. Result is a cost-effective entry level VR system using a head mounted display.

The advantages of the system compared to multi screen VR systems are :

  • easier to set up
  • portable
  • requires very little space
  • affordable

VR workstation lowers the barrier to start using virtual validation in the design process


An early virtual review of a product in development improves the quality of the product because design errors can be found earlier in the design process. Using virtual validation design can be tested in an environment that closely resembles real world, testing can be either general or specific cases that are of interest.

Use of iterative virtual validation early in the product development

A VR simulation once made can be used during the whole design process and can be used to answer questions in different states of the design process. The motivation for the VR workstation was that a traditional multi display VR systems requires a lot of dedicated space, is not portable and requires a high initial investment.


Main use cases for virtual validation in machine design include user centric design, visibility, safety, assembly and maintenance review. Having an entry level system that doesn't require large initial investment for adopting virtual validation is a huge step forward in using the technology for improving the design process and providing better end product.

In a project where our environment was used for virtual validation a severe visibility problem was discovered and the tool needed a complete redesign. In another project where assembly process was virtually validated our VR workstation solution was successfully used and we got a lot of positive feedback from the user.


Joonatan Kuosa, Savant Simulators Oy


Savant Simulators Oy


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Joonatan Kuosa


Savant Simulators Oy