FIMECC UXUS program challenges current products, services, routines and organization culture of the Finnish metals and engineering industry by introducing user experience thinking for company operations. The booklet series compiled by Finnish academic researchers and experts on the Finnish metal industry’s corporate R&D function aim to provide a glimpse of user experience (UX) for B2B companies, with a special focus on the metals and engineering industry. Issue 1 unwraps the meaning of UX, issue 2 offers guidance for working towards superlative UX, and issue 3 offers examples how user experience philosophy has been deployed in companies. Booklets are intended to inspire its readers to think differently about user experience in their work – UX matters and will become a key component of success in the future.


A Glimpse of UX for B2B industry - Issue 1: The first booklet offers a significant step towards better understanding of the role user experience (UX) plays in business-to-business industry. Positive user experience as a philosophy is a powerful way to re-think product business.


A Glimpse of UX for B2B industry - Issue 2: The second booklet discloses the principles with which B2B industry can make a difference with user experience (UX) in strategy, management, and operations.


A Glimpse of UX for B2B industry - Issue 3: In this booklet companies participated in FIMECC UXUS program share their experiences and the lessons learned from their UX journey. 



Virpi Roto, Aalto
Maaria Nuutinen, VTT (Programme Manager)