DIMECC’s Service Solutions for Fleet Management (S4Fleet) research program has created various methods, tools and good practices that organizations use in their industrial internet applications and data-based maintenance and services. Industrial internet solutions are expected to improve the efficiency and quality of maintenance as well as customers’ satisfaction toward manufacturing firms’ services. As a joint result from S4Fleet program we have assembled various tried and tested methods, tools and good practices for developing data-based industrial service business as a compilation of articles.


The book builds a picture of the ways in which industrial internet renews maintenance operations and services. It offers tools and practices for developing service business and its competitiveness. It emphasizes that industrial internet is not an end in itself, but it has to be understood as an enabler and requirement for business and applied suitably to each industry-specific setting. Service business built upon industrial internet will require ecosystems and lifecycle view to value creation, including the involvement of various stakeholders; integration of systems and information flows; and identification of actions and actors’ roles across organizational boundaries. 

The book was developed jointly with Promaint, the Finnish society of industrial production and maintenance, and it was published in February 2017. The book can be purchased in the Finnish language through Promaint’s web store:


Industries are facing significant changes due to the ongoing digitalization of operations. Digitalization topically implies the introduction of “industrial internet” or “Internet of Things” (IoT), which may transform entire industries. These changes are the initial motivation for the book: there was a need to take stock of changes and innovations stemming from the introduction of industrial internet in the context of manufacturing firms’ service business and maintenance operations. Companies need topical information on how they can join and speed up the changes and enhance their competitiveness. 


Forerunner companies know that offering industrial services based on information of the installed base of equipment will assist in developing long-term oriented profitability better than offering equipment alone. Services that build upon industrial internet technologies are becoming a source of competitive advantage in industrial firms and entire ecosystems. The book will help companies in identifying, developing and diffusing the good practices of service business and maintenance operations enabled by industrial internet, discovered and tested during the early part of S4Fleet program. 


Miia Martinsuo, Tampere University of Technology
Timo Kärri, Lappeenranta University of Technology


All DIMECC companies and research institutes; Promaint