Green innovations offer value added for customers and business value for companies. Identified value creation strategies – referred to as “green innovation games” – guide organizations’ innovation processes in particular when driven by three managerial roles.


Mounting public interest in environmental questions is forcing companies to view corporate sustainability as a strategic issue and a valuable opportunity for innovation. However, like all other forms of corporate innovations, green innovations are complex, costly and involves risks. In order to achieve impactful green innovations, deeper knowledge on the specific characteristics of different types of green innovations and the specific managerial roles within the different innovation approaches are needed.

Four different value creation strategies – referred to “green innovation games” and key managerial capabilities and 3 managerial roles required in mastering these games were identified. By improving the understanding of value-creation strategies that foster corporate sustainability, the findings help capitalize on the opportunities offered by green innovations. In addition, establishing and nurturing the identified managerial capabilities, roles and the ways to master the diverse innovation games can support the longevity and survival of strategic green programs in organizations.

This research was part of FIMECC I&N-program and it included a multi year visiting scholarship to UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business. The long term collaboration with Professor Henry Chesbrough resulted in multiple international publications, managerial interviews, videos and a Phd thesis. An example of results can be viewed from the following video, highlighting the four green innovation games.


Tommi Lampikoski, Ramse Consulting Oy


Aalto University, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, Ericsson, AlmaMedia, Oppifi, Logimood, Tieto, 


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Tommi Lampikoski


Ramse Consulting Oy