Defining route network and traffic rules for driving a fleet of autonomous machines has been a task that needs skilled engineers and weeks of preparation time. Within FIMECC EFFIMA program Navitec Systems Oy has developed automatic tools for defining new production areas for automation


What?The result was a tool set for automatically generating routes and traffic rules of a production area. The time for defining a new production area has dropped drastically to seconds.

The route generator tool generates routes to possible locations on the map using the model of the area as a reference. Traffic rules are automatically generated from the route network to allow automatic operation of the machines in the area.

This new approach has been demonstrated as a fully operational demo in Hannover Messe 2014. Routes and traffic rules were generated with the tool set and small robots were run in a production area commanded by the Navithor fleet control software.


Defining the routes and traffic rules for autonomous production area is a demanding task. The goal was to make this task as automated as possible in order to shorten the commissioning time and reduce costs for establishing new production areas.


The results were made by Navitec Systems Oy and they were demonstrated at the Hannover Messe 2014. The tools will be used for defining the production area for a fleet of machines at final nuclear waste depository in Sweden. They can also be used to define other production areas like warehouses, harbours and factories.

Fully automated tools will shorten the commissioning time and reduce the costs and lead the way towards fully autonomous fleets in various industries.


Jouni Sievilä, Navitec Systems Oy


Navitec Systems Oy, Konecranes Oyj, Aalto, FIMA Forum for Intelligent Machines ry


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Jouni Sievilä


Navitec Systems Oy