Energy- and Lifecycle-efficient Metal Processes – ELEMET (2009-2014) is one of the first generation FIMECC programmes. The main focus of the programme was to improve the material and energy efficiency of metal production plants. The final report illustrates the research results and impact of the FIMECC ELEMET programme.

FIMECC ELEMET research programme addressed the research objective of intelligent production, manufacturing and metal industry process development, with a view to low energy consumption and minimised environmental impact. The key research areas were metallurgy and thermodynamics, the results being applied to production processes through modelling and simulation. The FIMECC ELEMET programme gathered together a powerful and top-level group of researchers and all the significant players in Finnish metals production.

Now, after five years of programme implementation, we can see that the given targets have been reached. The FIMECC ELEMET programme achieved substantial improvements in material and energy efficiency in the metals industry. Results examples include e.g. Material efficient blast furnace decreasing the usage of virgin raw material and improving cost efficiency and sustainability; and novel comprehensive simulators taking steel design to new digital era and revolutionizing steel developing. In addition, 400 reports were published during the programme, of which 120 were peer-reviewed international journal papers and 130 conference papers. The programme also witnessed the accomplishment of 19 doctoral or licentiate theses and 50 master’s degree theses.

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Jarmo Söderman, FIMECC Oy (Programme Manager)

Kalle Kantola, FIMECC Oy